empress lacrosse

Team policies


Pricing available upon creating a profile or email request.
Fees Include: Uniforms, tournament fees, practice fields, coaches fees, practice pinnies, insurance, and coaches travel fees.


with reasonable circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc...)
If a player leaves prior to Dec. 31st they can receive a 50% refund, January 1st - April 1st 25% refund, No refund after April 15th.


  • US Lacrosse Membership Fee Required in order for all players to compete.
    US Lacrosse is a national organization that provides insurance and regulations for youth lacrosse programs. All of our players must have an active US Lacrosse number to compete in our program. The cost is $35 per year.
    Here is the link to Sign Up for a US Lacrosse Membership !!
  • Empress Lacrosse does not cover the cost of travel & lodging to and from tournaments/practice.
  • In such case where a Team Bus is used each player is responsible for their own fee.
  • Team hotels are preferred and often booked months in advance for best rates.


Any outstanding balances should follow the Refund Policy schedule dates. If an account is outstanding or missing deadline payments, the responsible parties will be responsible for all installments up to the current date of service or decision to depart the team. Any outstanding balance after the April 1st deadline will result in player not being able to participate until their balance is paid in full or other circumstances are agreed upon with an organization representative. Any continued outstanding balances will be subject to legal action if it cannot be resolved in a reasonable timeline.


Feb-May: Teams will practice 1-2 times per week in the WNY area.

May- July: Teams will practice 2-3 times per week in the WNY area and high school ages players will attend 4 tournaments, 3 for younger teams.

Classroom Sessions: These are the most important sessions for our IQ development. Held at Medaille College in the evenings, 1-2 times per month.


Communication is absolutely necessary when it comes to attendance. The full season schedule is posted on this website and/or communicated in e-mail or team apps. Coaches will do their best to stick to the posted schedule, but please check e-mail and/or the site for last-minute changes

*If you cannot make a practice, you need to notify your coach.

Players need to text or call their coach if they will be late to practice. We expect that the player will call or text for themselves and NOT rely on a teammate or parent to communicate for them.
Absences will be excused for the following reasons:

  • School concerts
  • Tutor session or academic/service or winter sports club commitment
  • Family emergency
  • If you missed or were excused from school for being sick.
    Since you have your full Empress season schedule, please schedule any work dates around your practices. If something else arises, please communicate with your coach.

Practice attendance is crucial to success as a team. If you are absent from a practice during the week before a game or tournament for an unexcused reason, here are the consequences:
1. If you have one unexcused absence, then you can't start in the game.
2. If you have two unexcused absences during a week, then you lose your opportunity to play in the first game.
3. If you have three unexcused absences during a week, then you lose your opportunity to play in 2 games during the tournament. However, you are expected to attend the game and support your team from the sideline.

Examples of unexcused absences:
- Local music concerts or band shows, being tired, bad weather, minor injury (we still expect you to come to practice even if you cannot participate).


  1. ALWAYS arrive to practice on time (about 15 minutes early--early enough to have all of your gear on and be ready to play at the scheduled start time).
  2. For tournaments, we meet on the field 1 hour prior to game.
  3. Players are expected to partner pass as soon as they have their gear on, and while they are waiting for others to be ready.
  4.  ALWAYS be prepared with the necessary equipment at practice: mouth guard, goggles, pinnie, proper footwear, and of course, your stick.
  5. For safety purposes, no jewelry should be worn