Travel Team Information


  • Teams play 4-5 competitive tournaments in June and July.
  • Over 50 practice session from November – July.
  • Team fees include all Practices, Coaching, Field Time, Uniforms and more…
  • Families responsible for their own travel, lodging and equipment costs.
  • Certified and dedicated coaching to help your player reach their goals.
  • Practice dates are:
  • Nov – Jan- Every other Sunday starting Nov 12th.
  • February to April- Sundays Only
  • May- Sundays & Wednesdays
  • June and July- Sundays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.
  • Team Bonding Activities
  • Fundraising Events Winter and Spring (2)
  • Estimated Costs:
  • Juniors, Sophomores, Freshman – $2,450
  • 7/8 and 5/6 Graders- $2,250

* Fall Ball is not included in travel, fall cost is cheaper and typically includes 2-3 tournaments and 20 practices.


Tournaments details will be determined over the next few months, but typically:

  • High School age- teams go to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Boston & Florida
  • Modified and Youth- teams will go to Ohio, Syracuse, Maryland & Boston

* Tournaments schedules for the following year will be ready by Tryouts.



Our expectations are for our players to work hard, come prepared and have a positive attitude towards playing and being coached to be a travel team level player.  We expect all players to attend all tournaments and team activities barring any family plans or emergencies.

Team roster decisions:

Rosters will be selected by evaluating each player and selecting the highest skilled athlete possible for each position available.  There may be players who are a better fit at one position than the one they want, and that is somethings we can discuss after evaluations are complete.


All questions please send to info@empresslacrosse.com